5 Things to Buy in Mexico Cruise Ports

Mexico Cruise Ports

Cruising in Mexico offers a great opportunity to enjoy the panoramic landscape’s gorgeous natural views and collect beautiful things from the country. This land is well-known for famous artisans, lip-smacking food, coffee, and much more. So, to make your cruise tour to Mexico memorable, you can buy different beautiful things from the ports and surroundings. The piece has listed below the top 5 things to buy in Mexico cruise ports.

List of the Best 5 Things to Buy in Mexico Cruise Ports

You can have an extensive collection of memorable tokens from the local Mexican markets and shops. Among them, some famous ones are as follows:

1. Mayan Wooden Mask

Mayan culture is a unique aspect of Mexico. The culture used to inhabit this land 1000 years ago, and the people still carry the legacy through different art forms. Wooden masks are a great example of this culture and are very popular among tourists and history lovers. With their impressive designs depicting the images of deities, nature, and animals, these masks are among the best things to buy in Mexico cruise ports.

2. Pottery

Pottery, also known as Talavera, is marked by its stark complexion of vibrant blue and white combination. It is a unique art form of Spain that has come to Mexico and become more attractive with Mexican inclusion. Apart from Talavera, there are ‘Barro Negro’ pots, a black polished art form with eye-catchy designs. Besides, there are different options in pottery, such as casserole dishes, flower pots, home decor, etc. You can find these potteries in an affordable range at souvenir shops, markets at Mexican ports, or Puerto Vallarta’s Flea market.

3. Salsa

Hot salsa should be at the top of the list of Top 5 things to buy in Mexico cruise ports. Mexican salsa is famous worldwide for its great flavor and richness. Generally, the ingredients include fresh tomatoes, garlic, onion, hot peppers, cilantro, and lime. The salsa can enhance the taste of any dish in a minute and adds a unique quality to it. You can get the best Mexican salsa at Mazatlan’s Central Market, where you can access the collections of almost 250 vendors. Besides salsa, they also sell authentic Mexican food items and other things, such as jewelry.

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4. Jewelry

Silver jewelry is the key attraction of Mexican ornaments. The root of making unique jewelry was first initiated during the great Aztec civilization, as silver was one of the most found materials in this country. It is still abundant in Mexico, and Mexican artists are extensively into making silver jewelry. You can find this everywhere in Mexico, including Malecon in Puerto Vallarta and Peruse, where exclusive hand-crafted pieces exist. The jewelry and other silver-made souvenirs reflect the unique culture of Mexico, which can be great tokens of this land to take home.

5. Coffee

After salsa, coffee is the major attraction of Mexico. In Mexico, people mostly harvest coffee beans in the southern states. However, Mexican coffee can give you a great culinary delight with its earthy touch. After having a cup of authentic Mexican coffee, you will surely feel like taking some with you to get the taste again. As in Mexico, coffee beans grow in high altitudes; therefore, their flavors have a distinct boldness. In addition, they are easily available at any nearby market to the ports.


Hope the blog has given you a comprehensive idea of the tokens to take from Mexico. There are plenty to find and explore; however, these are popular 5 Things to buy in Mexico cruise ports. Therefore, purchasing these things can enhance your traveling experience more.

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