5 Best Things to Do in Lyon, France

Things To Do In Lyon

If there is paradise on earth, then it is Lyon. It has a vibrant culture. Foodies also enjoy Lyon as a kind of culinary utopia. But that is not all about Lyon. It is one of the most significant tourist spots in France after Paris. The experience of being here is satisfying. This city upholds a reputation along with its tradition and gastronomy. If you come here once, you would want to come here again.

So, to help you plan this trip, we have compiled a list of the 5 best things to do in Lyon, France. It will ease you into making a holiday schedule with the narrative we have for you.

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We assure you that after indulging in this list of the 5 best things to do in Lyon, France, you will fall in love with this place. So, let’s begin our journey.

1. Exploring the Secret Passage of Traboules

Traboules have a history of their own. They were shortcuts for the medieval age silk traders in the past. Now, it is a popular tourist spot that is explored by millions of tourists who visit the place every year. Discovering the Traboules is one of the amazing things to do in Lyon. Awaken your inner detective and roam through these Traboules. You will feel that history speaks to you through them. Out of 400 Traboules, only 40 allow the entry of the public.

2. Vieux Lyon is another historical renaissance

Lyon is also called the Renaissance district, thanks to Vieux. You can go around the district by cycle, or on foot, or on public transport. A prominent feature of Vieux is its brilliant architecture. If you are on foot and with your camera, make sure you capture the visual delight. You will also enjoy seeing the historical monuments in every alley of Vieux. No wonder everybody praises the French for their fine artistic taste in every aspect of their lives.

3. If you are in Rhone, then enjoy yourself on a cruise

If you are a fan of going on cruises, then Rhone is the place to be. It would not be correct to speak about Rhone only. You also need to know that another river is nearby and connects with it. It is called Saone. The Canal du Rhone au Rhin connects these. Taking a cruise ride here easily qualifies as one of the top 5 things to do in Lyon.

Go around in the boat or ferry or cruise, whatever you have rented, and enjoy nature and the pristine-looking architectural marvels from French history. But there’s another way to enjoy luxury. You can sip wine while lounging on the deck and looking at the scenery around you.

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4. Buy produce and eat at the Croix Rousse

It is one of the amazing things to do in Lyon. Croix Rousse is the best destination for local and fresh produce buyers. This place is frequented by lots of vendors who come here to sell their produce fresh from the farms. You can even buy poultry or cooked dishes here. It is certainly a place that you must visit if you want to immerse yourself in the local culture.

5. Visit the Nuits de Fourvière Festival if you get a chance

It is the summer festival of Lyon, which includes theater, music, and dance. That’s not all. There is also a circus and various film presentations in the auditorium of the Theater antique de Fourvière. The event is attended by loyal fans who treat it as an annual ceremony. The festival shows the pinnacle of French artistry and revelry.

Parting thoughts

So, are you enchanted by this content on the 5 best things to do in Lyon, France? If you are convinced to visit Lyon on your next vacation and want to explore cruising, make sure you get your deal booked by Cruisebookonline.com.

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