5 Best River Cruise Tips for Wine Lovers in 2024

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While on a cruise, it is important to have fun by participating in various activities onboard and visiting various new places. But that’s not all, and drinks are a big part of the vacation. When it comes to drinks, one of the most important aspects that cruise lines focus on is wine, which is why they offer wine tastings, presentations, and other onboard experiences. Cruise lines offer the best wines wherever you go on a journey, and the best time to go on a wine-themed cruise is during the harvest season, which is September and October.

Top 5 River Cruise Tips for Every Wine Lover

Spending time with loved ones and fellow passengers while drinking wine can be a wholesome experience.

Here are the top 5 river cruise tips for wine lovers that can make your vacation more special.

1. Participate in cruise drink-tasting events

Drink-tasting events are a major part of the cruise journey, where tasting events are organized for wines, cocktails, beers, and martinis. These events are paid activities where reservation has to be made in advance to try several beverages, including wine, during a fun and informative presentation. These events are of good value where wine is a major attraction, and you get to try many different wines you might not have thought to try before. This also provides a great opportunity to talk to fellow passengers and make new friends. When you go on a cruise vacation, always check the daily itinerary for these tasting events and reserve your spot ahead of time.

2. Buy a wine package to save money

If you are a wine lover and want to save money, you should buy the package where you will get a certain number of bottles at a reduced price. These wine packages can range from 3 bottles to 5 bottles to 7 bottles. When planning a cruise vacation, try to estimate the amount of wine you will consume and then purchase the most appropriate package. Also, remember to purchase these packages ahead of time before embarking on your journey to take advantage of larger discounts. When you purchase these packages, you will not have to worry about paying separately for each wine bottle you purchase.

3. Bring your own wine bottles

In most cruise ships, travelers can bring their own wine, but the rules can vary from one cruise line to another, so always check for the rules before doing so. Some cruise lines allow you to bring a few bottles with you, while some will charge corkage fees, and some ships do not allow any alcohol on board. The corkage fee is the amount charged when you consume the wine in the dining hall, restaurant, or any other public area. Before you board your cruise ship, you will be told to keep your wine bottles separate from your luggage.

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4. Avoid paying a corkage fee

Many cruise ships will allow you to bring your own wine but will charge you a corkage fee if you pour it into the glass in the main dining hall or other public places. This fee can vary from one cruise line to another and range anywhere around $10 to $20. In order to avoid this fee, it is best to drink the wine in your cabin or suite. You can also ask your room attendant to bring you some wine glasses and an ice bucket so you can chill the wine. It is definitely one of the top 5 cruise tips for wine lovers.

5. Buy a bottle instead of buying a glass of wine

Never order a glass of wine while traveling on a cruise ship instead, buy a whole bottle of wine because by doing so, you can save a good amount of money. When you order a wine bottle while dining and don’t finish it, your server will re-cork the bottle so that you can enjoy it later. Also, you can request the server to deliver the bottle with the remaining wine to your cabin. So, as long as you can finish an entire bottle during the duration of your cruise trip, there’s no purpose in ordering a glass of wine.


A cruise journey always provides an unmatched vacation experience with lots of lovely memories, and a tasty wine can be important in elevating this experience. Wine lovers on a cruise ship always enjoy spending their time with a glass of wine in hand. Cruise lines, particularly in wine-producing regions, offer wine-themed events onboard, such as wine tastings, blending, and pairing. To enjoy the best cruise journey, remember the top 5 best cruise tips for wine lovers mentioned above.

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