5 Best Romantic Caribbean Cruise Getaways for Couples

Caribbean Cruise Getaways For Couples

Couples usually look for ways to give their relationship a romantic boost. You might come up with many ideas to impress your significant other, such as going to the jewelry store, buying them their favorite cake, taking home fresh flowers, etc.

Whether you plan to propose or want to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, a romantic getaway works without fail. But when it comes to determining the destination for these getaways, nothing can compete with the Caribbeans.

What a place!! You will come across some of the best romantic Caribbean cruise getaways where you can spend time with your loved one.

Check Out the 5 Best Romantic Caribbean Cruise Getaways

Here are the most romantic cruise getaways in the Caribbean. Take a look at these destinations, review their highlights, and plan a trip.

1. Aruba

Aruba is a place that is known for its Dutch-Caribbean influence. The place is known for its stunning, colorful, and natural beauty.

This is one of the reasons why it’s called Aruba, which means happy island. Despite being a small place, it’s dubbed as one of the best Caribbean Cruise vacations.

This small but beautiful place has colorful and unique waterfront shops, which you will find in Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. You and your partner can also go and relax on the beautiful beach.

2. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is known to have its own set of charm and beauty.

If you want to rekindle your romance, St. Lucia is the place to go. Why is that? You can go hiking through the jungle cover and dense mountains or head out to the beach for windsurfing, sunbathing, and snorkeling.

3. Belize

Next on the couples Caribbean Cruise vacations list is “Belize.” It is located on the east coast of Central America and is home to the low-land jungles, the inland, and beautiful sandy beaches.

But the most unique part of Belize is that its jungle is home to numerous species, which you and your partner can take a look at. You can also pass your time by snorkeling in the most extensive barrier reef, checking out the historic Mayan ruins, and exploring the underground caves and rivers.

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4. La Romana

When looking for a cruise getaway through cruisebookonline.com, choose La Romana, which is in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic.

La Romana has many things to offer.

You can sail or go kayaking in the crystal-blue water and check out the artist’s community of Altos de Chavon.
The uniqueness of this community is that it carries a Mediterranean village design from the 16th century, which makes it stand out.

Still, looking for something fun to do? Well, head out to taste the freshly cut sugarcane, watch how the cigars are hand-rolled, and shop for locally-made and beautiful pottery.

Once you visit this place, you will surely fall in love all over again with your partner.

5. St. Barts

People who want to make their romantic Caribbean honeymoon cruise vacation more special should head to St. Barts.

This Caribbean destination exudes European vibes, and it’s well-known for its natural beauty. This is one of the main reasons why many newlyweds or honeymooners choose this beautiful Caribbean charm.

St. Barts has 14 beaches. Yes, you heard that right! Out of these, the “Anse des Flamands” is the one you should check out. It’s mainly because of its verdant greenery and white sands.

If you want to take part in some watersports, head to Anes de Grand Cul-de-Sac, and for accommodation, choose Tom Beach Hotel. The hotel carries a romantic settin.

What’s Next?

Go for a Caribbean cruise with your partner where you can spend time and make memories together.

Whether you wish to go snorkeling in Belize or want to fall in love once again in La Romana, you are spoiled for choices.

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